Saturday, December 4, 2010

Community Mobilisation Program Manager Needed

Action Against Hunger NGO Vacancy for Community Mobilization Program Manager (Yobe)
• Location: Nigeria – Damaturu
• Reference Code: RW_8BQLRV-54
• Job Objectives:
• Objective 1: To conduct a rapid socio cultural assessment in the intervention context and define a CMAM community mobilization/awareness strategy.
• Assess the intervention context in identification of key informants, communication channels and best practices in awareness/mobilization activities with state and LGA stakeholders.
• Define a community awareness/mobilization strategy for the CMAM integration approach in North Nigeria in collaboration with the Nutrition PM.
• Define tools and methodology for the overall CMAM community awareness/mobilization strategy in the field in terms of communication with beneficiaries and communities in intervention areas (indirect or non-beneficiaries of the program). This will involve training modules for community volunteers, radio messaging, newspaper publication, etc. in accordance with assessment findings.
• Ensure integration of sensitization on ACF mandate, charter, and values as a component of the strategy.
• To define a guide for the CMAM community awareness/mobilization strategy and integrate the main tools and presentation documents in its implementation. The result will be a simple CMAM awareness/mobilization sensitization package to be used in the field.
• Objective 2: To implement the CMAM community awareness/mobilization strategy.
Community sensitization:
• Plan and conduct community sensitization with key informants.
• Plan and support implementation of other community sensitization activities such as radio messaging, newspaper, etc.
• Community volunteers:
• Identify volunteer network in collaboration with local authorities and local committees that may be functional at village level. The area should be defined and covered in relation to catchment area defined for nutritional activities.
• Plan and support conduction of trainings for community volunteers.
• Develop ‘motivation strategy’ (caps, t-shirts, etc.) and ensure that design and order of items are finalized in timely manner in collaboration with the nutrition PM and log department.
• Objective 3: To define follow-up and evaluation tools for the community strategy.
• Develop and define basic tools that can allow for follow-up of community mobilization.
• Collect preliminary information that will support Semi Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC) surveys.
• Objective 4: To ensure the training of ACF teams in community communication and mobilization.
• To train teams on the communication methods and application tools developed according to outputs from previous objectives.
• Reporting: document the products for each project for capitalization of the approach.
• Education / Specific Degrees / Special Skills :
- Masters’ degree in Public Health, Health Promotion Sciences, Community Approach and Communication related topic or other relevant subject. Extensive successful experience in community based approaches will be considered.
- At least 2 years experience in the development field.
- Strong community approach background
- Dynamic with sensitivity to cultural perceptions in order to fulfill the task adequately.
- Capacity to innovate and integrate strategy within a given context
- Good adult education techniques and understanding
- Strong capacity for strategy definition in collaboration with three technical sectors.
- Strong training capacity
- Effective monitoring and evaluation skills on health-nutrition-hygiene promotion activities
- Commitment to community based approaches for best outcomes for the targeted population
Humanitarian field experience requested: YES
• How to apply
• Please apply online at :
• Closing date: 31 Dec 2010

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